Ответ в теме: Поддержка сервисов Tropo.com и Voxeo.com


Чтоб успокоиться вот ответ от тропо на запрос разрешения исходящих звонков и смс для приложения.
Hello there,

Thank you for contacting Tropo support.

There are three verification steps required before enabling outbound SMS or voice calls:

1) You will need to provide a brief description of your application’s intended purpose, to ensure it fits within Tropo’s scope. Applications that are intended to run in the free development environment indefinitely will not be considered, nor will applications that could result in abuse complaints such as prank call apps. If you’re intending to create an SMS application, please review this SMS FAQ first, as there are a variety of potential restrictions: https://www.tropo.com/docs/sms-faq

2) You will need to provide us with a phone number for you, as well as a good time to call. We will be sending a verification code to the phone number you provide, and will need you to provide that code back to us as soon as it’s received (either via email to support@tropo.com, or by a direct post to an open ticket).

3) You will need to move your account to production by applying a minimum $10 (refundable) deposit. Your applications can continue to run on our free developer platform until you’re ready to move your traffic to production, however.

Once all three verifications steps are cleared, we will then enable your account for outbound SMS and voice. Please note, even with these permissions, there will be additional restrictions for development applications. These limitations are described in more detail here:


In addition, if you want to send SMS to destinations outside of the U.S., you will need a Canadian number attached to your application/applications; our U.S. numbers are only enabled for U.S. destinations, and our numbers in other countries are voice enabled only (and really only useful for inbound voice applications).

River Wang
Collaboration API Support – Beijing

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